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Methods of Saving for Retirement

There are two options for saving for retirement, in which the growth of the investments are within a tax efficient environment:-

1. Contributing into a Pension Plan - the advantages are
- Tax relief on contributions, however the money is locked away until your chosen retirement age
- Being stakeholder charged the costs are now very low, lower than ISAs
- Money can be invested monthly and/or in single premiums.
- The employer can contribute into a Personal Pension Plan.
- By being in a sense locked up until retirement it can be viewed as a disciplined way of saving
- Can be a Self Invested Personal Pension plan, which can invest in Property, directly into shares, unit trusts and just cash if you are very cautious. Seek more advice

2. Saving into Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)- no tax relief on the contributions, no saving of National Insurance contributions and no premium waiver, however the advantage is that the money is always yours, you can get at it without penalty charges dependent on the investment performance and in retirement the income is tax free when delivered by the ISA fund. However as the plan is flexible it Lacks the disciplined approach because it is so flexible and Isas have only a 10 year shelf life.

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