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To-days workforce cannot rely on the Government to provide a good state pension, especially with the ageing population. So we should all save for retirement. The value of state pensions will reduce even further in the future as the proportion of older retired people in the population increases, and the proportion of working taxpayers reduces. It is therefore essential that you save for your retirement in the most tax efficient manner possible and we at RSJ Financial Planning can help you plan for retirement.

When those now approaching retirement started work, people retired at 65 and died at 70. Now they retire at 55 and live to 80 or 90. No wonder the pot of pension money is running low. There has, in some cases, been mismanagement of funds, but mostly it is simply the market working. As people have been told for years, the value of their investments can go down as well as up. This means that many will have to work longer, or save more, to pay for a decent old age.

We should be grateful that higher living standards now enable us to survive for so long. But we must never forget that someone has to pay for them.

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