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Evaluate your Financial Affairs


An Audit (Makeover) reviews your financial affairs in that we look at:

Retirement Income

Are your pension plans and other investments going to provide you with the income you need? Are you aware of the advantages of pension plans?:

£800 paid - £1000 invested

and if a 40% tax payer an extra £200 of tax relief

if you were to die - the pension fund passes onto your spouses Inheritance Tax free

Investments - are they doing the best for you and are you making the best use of Individual Savings Plans. If you have a With Profits investment is it going to provide what you really need?

Inheritance Tax - are you aware of the tax your children would have to pay? Do you have a will? A Will can save a lot of tax!

Children's Investment - Junior ISA - where should you invest it for the time until they reach 18 and what to do with the extra that you are able to invest - is that right and are there alternatives - stakeholder pension plans, saving plans that can be earmarked to the children but not given to them without control at 18!a!

University Education - consider the cost of sending your child to university. May be saving some now will help to pay some of the costs.

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